Born and raised in Magnolia, Arkansas PBzE T.O learned the value of hard work from a young age. Just starting out and eager to record, PBzE T.O sold mixtapes, shoes, and even at times his own clothing to pay for studio expenses. Even more so, watching his mother struggle to make ends meet for he and his sister inspired PBzE T.O to use his strength and platform to elevate not only himself but also others around him. Even the T.O. of his name is in devotion to his fallen cousin, who was instrumental in his artistic development. An acronym for Patience BuildZ Excellence, PBzE’s business ethic is best embodied in his sound and imprint Go Hard Music. Created in 2009, Go Hard Music has grown to be the living extension of PBzE T.O, as he continues to build his platform by partnering with music collective The SoundKillers.

A fusion of melodic singing, upbeat rhythms and emceeing as sharp and irreverent as PBzE T.O himself, the collaboration has produced a fresh, current sound to rival any artist claiming to be as entertaining as he. His debut EP, “Bon Appetit”, promises to give Hip Hop lovers a fun, energetic, and solid display of PBzE’s go hard attitude. When asked about what motivates him, PBzE responded, “I do this for the country boys and underdogs. I want to be proof that anything is possible as long as you keep God first and never give up on your dreams. That’s what pushes me forward”.

With great excitement, Go Hard Music and The Soundkillers are proud to present PBzE T.O. His talent, charisma, and motivation make him one of Hip Hop’s dynamic new names to watch.